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Dear Jeanna~ First, I wanted to express what a great studio session my four-year old and I had with you. I was completely unaware that getting pictures taken of my son and I could even be fun! Second, I’ll never forget seeing the photographs that you had taken of my son and I at our studio viewing. I have never really seen photography as an art before, but you made me believe it could be. You captured my son’s essence like no other photographer has done before. Furthermore, I am grateful for your artistic talent because the pictures you took of my son and I granted me an awakening while viewing them. These pictures speak of my son and I’s unbreakable bond and the love we have for each other despite everything we have been through. When I look at these pictures I have hung up in our home they remind me to be thankful for my son and to be happy about being a single mother. I will cherish these pictures of how beautiful my son and I are as a tiny family, forever. I am so excited to come back and have you take more pictures of us as we age. In addition, I hope someday to get married and have more children, so I can have more momentous times in my life for you to seize with your camera. There is no doubt that your studio will continue to be a raving success!Glad we found you, ~Renee

Hi Jeanna, I simply had to send an email to you after seeing the most gorgeous, beautiful, sweet pictures you've taken of my granddaughter, Jillian.  Lindsay and Matthew have found the best photographer in Iowa City, much less, the entire state of Iowa, perhaps the US.   Your work is incredible and I don't say this because you had a beautiful model in Jillian and her older sister, Anna, but because you capture the very essence of each person you shoot.  No wonder my son and his beautiful wife return to you. Thank you for the wonderful pictures that I can see (thanks to the Internet) all the way from my home in Alaska!  I have yet to meet Jillian and to see Anna again, but because of your gift I know my granddaughters.  Now I have to decide which I'd like to order.   Each is more precious than the next so it is a difficult decision.   Thank you again for sharing your keen eye and wonderful gift.  Your photographs bring joy and tears at the same time. Sincerely, Mary HudsonWasilla, AK

I have worked with Jeanna for the past 4 years.  Not only was Jeanna the most talented photographer that I had on my staff - she has a way about her that can bring out the beauty and personality in anyone.  I used to joke that Jeanna falls in love every 30 minutes.  It really wasn't much of a joke because it was completely true.  Jeanna never forgot the true meaning of what she was creating.  She could make the most nervous person feel at home and the most shy feel like a queen.  I have seen her cry over portraits as if the children were her own.  Nobody will ever be disappointed when they become clients of Jeanna.  I only wish that I lived back in Iowa to have her take my children's portraits again.  Sue RichmondFormer Manager of a portrait studio in Coral Ridge Mall

I have one word to say to you “WOW!”I guess I can’t stop with just that, you know me better than that. When you took Jake and Kristi’s senior photos you were so nervous that I would not like them. Relax, they are great and I could not have done a better job myself. As photographers we all have our own way of taking pictures and with the photos you took for Flashes of Hope you have moved on to a new level of greatness. I can’t stop the tears, they are just “WOW!” We have seen a lot of kids at the U of I Peds floor when Kristi was in there and some never went home again. You have given those families a happy time to hold in their hands or put on a wall a fun time to remember. Watching your passion and excitement grow from those 4H photos and seeing your work now I am so so proud of you young lady! It really makes me miss taking photos even more! Keep it up!Tammie

Jeanna you were my favorite photographer at flash.  I would love to get my baby Millie in for a session soon.  Her first birthday is March 16.  I have one prop that would like but other than that I am up for anything.  I am so excited to have you take my kids’ pictures again! Jennifer M.